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Connecting Your Strategic Prospects with You!

5 Exclusive Benefits with OnTarget Prospecting®

1 Proactive and Targeted
OnTarget Prospecting® enhances all your existing sales lead resources with unique,proactive programs that nurture new business opportunities specifically targeted to your audience in your territory.

2 Broadcast Your Message to Your Audience
OnTarget Prospecting builds brand recognition with web advertising that reaches web users you identify by providing their email address and tracking when they are on-line.

3 Transform Raw Data into Powerful Prospecting Knowledge
OnTarget Prospecting users will be notified by email shortly after a site visitor leaves your site allowing you to monitor visitor traffic to your website: how much time they spend on the site, number of page views… plus capture key information about the visitor.

4 Support Your Strategic Account Objectives
Website visitors from companies that you suspect may be promising, can be evaluated shortly after their visit. If sales is aware of the account and has contacts, great. If sales feels the location is of value, but lacks contacts you can request complete contact information such as complete name, title, phone, email and physical address to increase your opportunity to penetrate the account and build your prospecting database.

5 Build a Detailed Contact Database
In addition to receiving site visitor data by email on a daily basis, L&P’s partnership with database resources can provide you an inexpensive and easy resource for lead contacts at the company locations of your choosing — so you can penetrate your key prospect accounts, target markets, and support your account/market initiatives.

OnTarget Prospecting Addresses These Challenges

  • Inadequate leads (volume and/or quality)
  • Sales staff focusing on existing accounts; not able to access new opportunities, and having difficulty identifying who the new opportunities are or could be
  • Difficult to find effective and cost-efficient methods to promote your brand to target audiences
  • Inability to brand your company to the right decision makers at your target accounts
  • Unable to analyze visitors to the website (are they prospects or not?)
  • Prospecting database is difficult to build and maintain with valid information; unable to access key contact names of all decision makers at current customer and new opportunity prospect accounts

Internet Advertising for Today’s Marketplace and Technology

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Market like a Fortune 500 Company at a Fraction of the Cost

What’s Included in the OnTarget Prospecting® Program:

  • Show your online banner ads to your database of email addresses when they are surfing the web. (up to 15,000 emails)
  • Retarget website visitors with your banner ads to increase branding and awareness.
  • 30,000+ ad impressions per month are shown to your email database and website visitors, that’s just 3 cents per ad.
  • 2 different ads can be shown and ads can be changed every 45 days. We create the ads for you
  • Identify what companies are visiting your website and turn them into prospects with our easy to use web tool and access to industry databases.
  • See what pages visitors are viewing on each visit and other key metrics.
  • Purchase complete prospect information from extensive industry databases for just $1 using key titles to build your database(s) and outreach.
  • Great supplement to your Social Media programs.
  • All for $1,000 per month with no long-term commitment. (3-month commitment to start and then month to month)
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