Effective, Efficient, and Experienced.

A Better Approach to Marketing Communications

Most companies feel they need to do all their marketing in-house, but high turnover, time-consuming learning curves, and costly experimentation can make it an expensive proposition – that all goes away when you hire Longren & Parks.

With 30+ years in the business, we understand the problems that keep you up at night.  We’ve learned how to tackle a lot of them, based on experience across a wide variety of clients and industries – and we are able to share since we don’t work with your competition.  We can help increase sales with quality lead generation, improve brand awareness with PR, modernize your catalogs and literature, make your website work harder for you, and a lot more.

Think of us as an employee with a proven track record and an extraordinarily wide range of skills.  An employee who knows you and your business well, but also brings an invaluable fresh set of eyes.

Consider working with Longren & Parks vs. hiring a new full-time marketing resource.

New Hire

One person with limited bandwidth
High turnover
Investment in training
Long learning curve
Costly – salary, benefits, etc.
Slower results
Continuation of existing, standard marketing approach
Time spent finding resources for each marketing task

Longren & Parks

An experienced team of people – on call, any time
No turnover
No investment required
Ready from day one
Cost-effective – no benefits or big salary required
Faster results – we already know what works and how to implement it
Unique and fresh ideas
Access to a network of proven talent we’ve been using for years

Not your typical ad agency

Longren & Parks offers an alternative to the traditional advertising agency.

Not your typical ad agency

We don’t charge by the nano-second and we aren’t preparing for the next ad awards show. Instead, we focus on the important issues facing your marcom program.

Technical products

We focus exclusively on a select group of manufacturer clients that sell to design and production engineers.

Technical products

L&P has considerable previous experience working on the “company” side of manufacturing. We understand your industry, products, and business.

Generating quality leads

We offer expertise and tools to provide your salespeople with a consistent supply of qualified prospects.

Generating quality leads

Our programs can provide the assurance that your sales territories are focusing on the right targets.

Why choose L&P

We have 30+ years of experience and proven results.  But it doesn't stop there.

Not your typical ad agency

Longren & Parks clients achieve a more effective, hard-hitting comprehensive program that delivers as expected — on-time and on-budget.

Every Technical Product has a Story to Tell