Lead Generation

One common thread, from companies at the top of the Fortune 500 to start-ups, is that they all can do a better job of filling the top of their sales funnels.

Without a systematic supply of new, qualified prospects, salespeople tend to focus their time and company resources on opportunities that are not likely to become profitable customers. By simply providing your salespeople with a consistent supply of qualified prospects, they will focus their valuable selling time on higher quality customers, which in turn, will increase their sales results. In addition, you will have the assurance, and the data validation, that your sales territories are focusing on the right targets.

Longren & Parks has developed a highly effective lead generation process that has been very successful for our clients.

Our approach is based on the following assumptions:

  • Many salespeople tend to visit the same customers and same decision makers.

  • This leads to many high potential customers not being called on.

  • Salespeople follow the path of least resistance; they will invest their time where they believe they get the best return.

  • Salespeople are not proficient or consistent with their own prospecting.

  • One of the most powerful methods to increase sales is to increase the quality of the leads and companies a salesperson is pursuing.

  • This is best done through the implementation of an overall lead generation and follow-up system.

Goal of our process:

  • Improved efficiency and ROI for all aspects of your sales team

    • Better efficiency for your direct sales people
    • Improved mindshare and attention from your Rep. Organization
    • Improved mindshare and attention from your Distributor Organization

  • Visibility and accountability of the sales organization lead follow-up; allowing management to direct the team to the desired growth objectives

  • Institution of a process that delivers the maximum number of Qualified Prospects at the lowest cost possible

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“Leads are the single biggest factor we find in improving the overall productivity of sales reps in the high velocity inside sales model… In our company we are finding this is the single biggest point of leverage and we are putting more and more thought and resource into lead generation and sales development.” — Forbes Magazine

Find out why some lead generation programs work… and others, not so much.

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