10 Good Reasons to Work with Longren & Parks

L&P clients achieve a more effective, hard-hitting comprehensive program that delivers as expected (on-time and on-budget).

  • 1

    We have a 30+ year proven track record in dealing with technically-applied products, and with working with clients very effectively and cost-efficiently in long-distance and decentralized relationships. (Most of our clients are 500+ miles away and require coordination with multiple decentralized marketing/engineering facilities and personnel worldwide. See the Client section of our website for more information on this.)

  • 2

    We limit the number of accounts we serve. This assures our clients that every account is significant and receives the proper attention. As a result, we have a number of clients that have been with us for 10, 15 or more years.

  • 3

    For new clients, our ramp up time is minimal due to our knowledge of:

    • Complementary products
    • Markets
    • Media channels
    • Sales coverage methods
  • 4

    We are a marketing solutions company, not just a design studio. First, we develop the correct marketing approach, then produce the appropriate media product and graphic concepts to deliver the message. The result: hard-working, cost-effective sales support programs.

  • 5

    We are the cross-point between a wide range of industrial clients and their associated trade press which helps nurture productive cross pollination of successful ideas.

  • 6

    All principals have been “clients” and understand your side of the business.

  • 7

    We offer complete design, development and production services in house. We also partner with an extended network of web development, internet SEO, literature fulfillment and graphic specialists that provide all the added services you need, but only when you need them. This open-ended network matches the right talent for the right project, and provides fresh ideas, lower cost and decreased time to complete projects.

  • 8

    We are an unbiased source of recommendation. We are compensated by our clients by a fixed rate, monthly retainer. We operate as if we are salaried employees, and as such, look out for the best outcome possible for the company. Since all outside expenses for printing, ad placement, etc. are billed at cost without markup (as would occur with an in-house department), there is no profit motivation on our end to promote expensive print or ad programs unless they are truly warranted.

  • 9

    Our retainer method provides a flat-rate, no-surprises means to achieve a complete, seamless marketing program by amortizing the cost over a twelve month pay cycle. From day one, we coordinate a strategy with you that achieves your set goals according to the time-line and the budget. When unforeseen events occur (such as a new product introduction that wasn’t in the year’s marketing plan), we can take the added project in stride, and work with you to accommodate the added responsibility without adding additional cost to your program. We are your partner, like an employee.

  • 10

    The bottom line: Program costs are dramatically lower than a comparably staffed in-house marketing department or full-service agency. You no longer have the cost of employing a full marketing staff, nor do you pay agency mark ups. You are charged a monthly flat-rate retainer, and the advantages of this include:

    • Elimination of the overhead cost and unproductive time associated with a centralized facility
    • Elimination of all agency mark-up costs
    • Proven track record in dealing with technically-applied products there’s no wasted time trying to educate the agency of what your business is about

    We are more than happy to discuss any ideas and issues with you further.  Please use our contact page to call or email us your questions, request additional information, or discuss your marketing program.

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