Print/ePrint Literature Services

Whether you need two pages or two thousand, for print publication or for web only, we design and develop the print/eprint sales tools that meet your needs and meet (or exceed) your audiences’ expectations.

Here’s a short list of the types of issues we deal with on a regular basis:

  • All types of print and web-based literature including catalogs, brochures, newsletters, technical manuals, packaging, digital documentation, disc covers…
  • Comprehensive graphic design, copy writing, illustration, photography and electronic publishing
  • Compliance with corporate design standards
  • Adaptations for alternative usage (newsletters adapted for distributor use)
  • Translations for foreign markets
  • Print sourcing & management
  • Literature fulfillment to sales channel and prospects

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Documentation isn’t what it use to be.

In the past ten to fifteen years, we’ve watched print quantities for primary print projects such as full-line catalogs, selection guides, and mass-distributed newsletters go from 20-75K to 0.25-5K. For the printing industry, this is bad news. But from our perspective and that of our clients, it’s good news. This shift from print to PDF has drastically reduced our clients’ marcom budget cost to distribute their message. it also allows the message to be revamped on an on going basis, enabling us to easily accommodate new product developments, new market trends, new market-focus strategies, and more.

Easily downloadable PDF documents allow your website to become an always up-to-date, 24/7 virtual library for all kinds of prospect and existing customer materials. But, just making a PDF file is not the whole answer. PDFs (and their hardcopy print counterparts) must be designed and structured to quickly and easily relate to the audience’s needs.

PDFs that lock up the computer when downloading, or that won’t print on standard 8-1/2 x 11” format, or that use excessive amounts of ink, or that are illegible, or that have graphics that don’t reproduce well (rendering critical spec charts and dimension drawings useless)… These are the issues that drive prospects away and disgruntle your sales channel and existing customers.