Our Approach

Longren & Parks has 30+ years of marketing communications experience in the technical B2B industry. Our clients sell technical products to technical people, often engineers. We understand what makes your space unique, the industry jargon, and your audience, which shortens the learning cycle that presents itself with other, non-technically experienced firms.

We work with manufacturers, distributors and reps to provide their sales people and channel with the right tools to sell to the right audience.


Steve Longren

John Reilley

John L. Reilley
Vice President

Carrie Decker

Carrie Decker
Creative Director

Longren & Parks Partners

Call Services Inc

Primary Responsibilities for L&P Clients

  • Qualify leads over the phone and notify the field if the prospect is ready to buy

  • Providing telephone lead qualification for L&P clients since 2008

Freelance Marketing Group Inc

Primary Responsibilities for L&P Clients

  • Website development w/ WordPress CMS

  • Ecommerce implementation

  • Custom Coding & Web Application Development

  • Keyword identification for website marketing

  • SEO / Website optimization

  • Serving L&P clients since 2002

The Millau Group

Primary Responsibilities for L&P Clients

  • Utilizing a unique approach to sales training, provide clients with a simple, intuitive sales process

  • Measure and certify the results via a third-party measurement company

  • Guarantee the impact of the training to be more than 2X your investment

  • Leverage ongoing measurement to provide hard data to drive continuous process improvement and ongoing coaching and reinforcement