Current Longren & Parks Clients

Many Longren & Parks clients are long-distance relationships, often including several divisions, spread out nationwide or internationally.  Please review the “Partnerships that Work” link to see how we’ve worked effectively and economically for these clients over the years. Below is a list of current Longren and Parks clients that you may be familiar with:

  • Chemline Plastics

    Market and distribute a large range of solid thermoplastic valves, controls, flow meters, pumps, tubing systems, specialty piping systems, pipe welding equipment, pipe fittings, and filtration and irrigation products. 

  • Empire Magnetics

    Specialty, environmentally-hardened motor products.

  • Engineered Materials

    Converts and fabricates a wide variety of tapes, foam, rubber and adhesives industry to solve bonding and sealing challenges.

  • Everaxis

    Designs, manufactures, integrates and maintains custom Slip Rings and Rotary Joints and complex rotating systems

  • HT Micro

    Manufactures MEMS sensors and switches, connectors, and machined parts with the smallest, most reliable metal micro-fabricated products in the world.

  • Macron Dynamics

    Designs and manufactures standard, modified and custom linear robotic motion solutions, offering components and complete system builds assembled in the USA.

  • NK Technologies

    High performance current sensing for automation applications, switches, transducers, power sensing products.

  • SP Industries

    Waste handling compactors & dumpers for wet or dry industrial and commercial applications.