Generating Publicity

Longren & Parks has developed a highly effective publicity program that has been very successful for our clients.

A successful publicity program is about much more than trying to “peddle” new products. In our program, there are 5 steps:

Step 1

Editorial Planning

This is a critical step. It provides direction for your PR program. As a part of this step, L&P obtains editorial calendars and reviews them for relevant opportunities for your company. Then, we prepare a calendar of opportunities for you to consider, categorized by products and editorial / articles.

Step 2

Product Press Releases

Years of experience and developing relationships with editors has defined our product press release process. We understand that quality photography is often significant to article placement and clearly articulated text makes editors jobs easier. We practice restraint when it comes to the number of releases sent out per month, sending releases for specific opportunities first and sending releases en masse second. Tracking where these releases are sent is an important part of the process as well.

Step 3

Product Roundups

A product roundup refers to a section of a publication that is dedicated to new product offerings. We determine where and when these opportunities will occur and make sure you are a part of them by sending out material that is new to the publication. Distribution of targeted press releases happens 2+ months prior to the scheduled date of publication and includes a note tying the product to the topic of interest.

Step 4

Technology Roundups

A technology roundup refers to an editor-written article covering a given topic. Editors work on these articles 2-4 months in advance. Having established and nurtured relationships with these editors, L&P communicates with them on a regular basis to determine their needs. We take that knowledge to our clients and work with them to provide editors with desired materials and information, arranging interviews as needed.

Step 5

Bylined Feature Articles

These types of articles begin with an outline that identifies an issue and its resolution. With guidance from L&P, one of your internal staff and/or a ghost writer will draft and finalize the article. L&P will then pitch to editors based on editorial calendars we’ve reviewed during our Editorial Planning step. L&P handles all editor contact and provides all materials and information directly to the editor and follows up with them after the article has been published. We will also recycle article information as appropriate for other editorial opportunities to get as much additional coverage as possible.

What the editors have to say about us and our clients material…

I always appreciate everything you send, and I really appreciate the quality of what you send both in terms of content and editorial-readiness. Thanks again and all the best.

Mike Bacidore, Managing Editor
Control Design | Industrial Networking

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help with the article. It was a delight working with you, and I hope we can do so again. I really appreciate your professionalism and receptivity.

Lisa Rummler, Associate Editor
Modern Metals | FF Journal

Thank you for sending this material in advance. If I could give you an award for your foresight, you would get one. You have no idea how frequently we receive material at the last minute. With shrinking staffs, last minute write-ups can be a hassle and can cause confusion. MANY THANKS!!!

Yolanda Simonsis, Associate Publisher
Editor Paper I Film & Foil Converter

If you wonder if PR works, here’s one example.

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Why Our Customers Succeed

  • We review and monitor 100+ editorial calendars

  • We have real relationships with key editors based on mutual respect & understanding

  • We respond to relevant opportunities with appropriate material

  • We commit only to what we can deliver — and deliver on time what we promise

  • We have a proven track record of coming through in a clutch for editors

Here are just some of the publications we have long-standing relationships with:


  • White Papers 101